Marine habitats studies

We offer a service of the field survey of marine habitats linked with our mapping services generating cartographies of key ecosystems.This service results in field truths during mapping campaigns, photogrammetry surveys, colonization surveys for natural and artificial structures, key habitats surveys (seagrass meadows, coral reefs, rocky habitats).







Biological inventories

Biological inventories aim to provide quantitative data about the specific richness and abundance of marine organisms. With this in mind, we offer services of marine species inventory by scuba diving: fish identification and counting, fixed fauna census, biological characteristics of seagrass meadows.







Inspection works

We offer inspection services for artificial structures. For example: search and positioning of artificial reefs, waste water emissary, dike inspection.





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Underwater photography
Thanks to our equipment and our technical knowledge, we offer services in high resolution underwater photography in an individual way or in addition to our other services.