Multibeam echo sounder

R2Sonic 2022 model

  • From 200 kHz to 400 kHz wideband sounder
  • "Full Water Column" mod
  • Full digital design (no signal damaged within cables)
  • Compact with a low weight and low energy consumption
  • Data timestamp based on GPS time allowing the synchronisation of attitude, positon and acoustic data
  • 1° x 1° angular aperture,  160° swath, 500 m range
  • Simultaneous sonar images




Inertial navigation unit

 I2NS model by Applanix dedicated to the 2022 sounder

  • High synchronisation level with the sounder
  • 1 cm positioning precision, 1.5 cm vertically
  • 0.015° precision for rolling and pitching, 0.02° for heading trajectories
  • Position keeping in inertial mod in case of hidden GNSS antennas
  • Full watertight captor sharing the same stand with the acoustic probe





GNSS RTK RTKITE produced by North

  • Small, light and easy to integrate on drones and other small devices
  • Real time positioning with millimetric precision
  • Sampling frequency 1, 5 or 10 Hz
  • Navigation and configuration by Bluetooth





Two celerimeters are used:

  • One close to the sounder which is essential for acoustic data treatment
  • One used to for celerity profiling





The  "Seaviews One" is a ship specially built for bathymetric and sonar campaigns with a perfect integration of the 2022 echosounder

  • Low bulk (5.5 m long, weigth <400 kg), low deployment cost
  • High maneuverability
  • Low draught (50 cm)
  • Integrated power source to supply all equipments




Underwater camera



Sony Alpha 6000 camera in an Ikelite case

  • Watertight case up to 60 m depth with a TTL plug for external strobe
  • Sony 10-18 mm wide angle lens
  • Inon Z240 external strobe with a guide number of 24 and an angular covering of 100°
  • TTL synchronization with GPS